1. Digital Channel Readiness

ValueMax Advisory helps its clients in consumer services industries, ascertain their digital channel readiness – what are the opportunities and challenges they currently face. Benchmarking them against the industry’s best-practices and finally recommending a suite of specific changes that will help the client, bridge the gap.


2. Leads Management

Better conversion funnels and superior customer experience, require a very strong focus on leads. Whether generated through an in-bound channel or an outbound, for consumer services, it is very critical that effective follow-ups happen. Each lead has to be managed by a right mix of process and people through-out its life cycle.

ValueMax provides two offerings to improve Leads Management

  • SaaS LMS (Leads Management System) – Our state of the art Leads Management System provides you real-time access to all the leads in the system. Efficient Leads Allocation Engine ensures that the right team picks up the data in the shortest span ensuring best turn-around-times.
  • Leads Analytics and Advisory – Is someone looking at the leads getting generated and figuring out the opportunities that exist in the portfolio

3. Digital Inbound Leads Ownership

We understand that many of our clients would want to partner with a firm that can take complete ownership of their inbound leads and ensure higher conversions. We would take over the following activities:

  • Coordination with the demand-generation agencies/teams (SEO/SEM etc)
  • Landing-page design and optimization, form logic and management
  • Lead capture, follow-up and fulfillment

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